The Mt Buninyong Gum Tree

Did you see the wild Koala yet in Mt Buninyong? Oh well let’s see on the next post. For now, this is one of the largest isolated Gum Tree up there with a view on deck. The unforgiving summer heals … Read More

Summer Grass Bokeh

A Shallow Depth of Field on a field, the wetlands. Walking abreast with a nature lover like me. Hiking from where we start but no destination. Destination never matters but the pathway we trod. Every part of you unveils your … Read More

Moments Beyond August Thirty First

  Moments beyond August Thirty First that meant to be.   Winter bids goodbye but moments never. The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months never brainstorm forevermore. The winter season 24/7 hibernates and anticipates the framework for the new … Read More

Aurora Australis at Lake Wendouree May 2018!

  At the lakeshore car park, few cars were hanging around and maybe thought; I maybe nut out there by the lake taking photos like the camera could see everything while the naked eyes unable to watch vividly. All the … Read More

Free Printable Autumn Theme Ezekiel 47:12

  Happy Autumn March, April & May from Down Under Australia! It’s the best season of the year for me when it comes to no allergy season like Spring and Summer. The only way I can surpass the allergy seasons … Read More

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