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Tasmania Wilderness Old Fossils of Rocks Exposed

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Tasmania Wilderness Old Fossils of Rocks Exposed

Did we land on another planet, an ancient geological rock or old fossils from pre or after Noah’s flood? Geological coastal outcrop rocks that are colourfully exposed after we had a break from driving heading towards the north-west coast wilderness in Tasmania. You would not only see exposed beautiful rocks in Queenstown mountain ranges but somewhere along the Tasmanian coastlines you can find interestingly attractive geological rocks or simply from volcanic rocks or what without driving 4WD? Most of us might say, they are just rocks but for geological studies, we do have an interesting argument of terminologies when it comes to rocks between the two big religions in the world the Evolutionist and Creationist.

According to evolutionist study, these coastal outcrop rocks are “Pyrite pods in the Precambrian Cowrie Siltstone coastal outcrops (grey metallic colour). Limonite on jointing within the heavily fractured Precambrian Cowrie Siltstone in the coastal outcrops (yellow-orange colour)”(1) “Precambrian Shale: This rock type is one of the major components in the Cowrie Silestone formation which is abundant within 0-10 km of Port Latta. The topographic situation appears satisfactory for a large open pit. This locality is about 10km from the port, beside the Savage River pipeline track. The mineral resources in Port Latta (0-20 distance from the harbour) are Tertiary basalt, Precambrian dolomite, Precambrian quartzite, Precambrian shale.”(2)

To scale the argument if you are either evolutionist or creationist what is all about this Precambrian here?

According to Creationist geology “Creationists have long argued that ‘Precambrian’ rocks (which evolutionists regard as the Earth’s oldest rocks) formed before Noah’s Flood. They have taken this approach because few fossils had reported from Precambrian rocks. Some may object that because the prolific Precambrian fossils and organic matter described above may all be of plant, algae, or bacterial origin, then the sentence of death at the Fall is irrelevant because plants were already being eaten and thus ‘dying’ in the Garden of Eden; and so these Precambrian plants, algae and bacteria may have been fossilised during the sedimentation of the third day of the creation week. This argument is, however, discounted by the Genesis account which states that the plant life grew on the dry land late on the third day (Genesis 1:11–12), after the sedimentation during the building of the dry land on the second day (Genesis 1:9–10).”(3) 


Some part of these rocks are sharp and if you fall your back into them ouch!

old fossil rocks via jenniferramirezbaulch.com
Did someone has big footstep on this looking hardened mud rock? – old fossil rocks via jenniferramirezbaulch.com


old fossil rocks via jenniferramirezbaulch.com
old fossil rocks via jenniferramirezbaulch.com


old fossil rocks via jenniferramirezbaulch.com
old fossil rocks via jenniferramirezbaulch.com






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