» » » » My Husband’s Silhouette Periscoping

My Husband’s Silhouette Periscoping

My Husband’s Silhouette Periscoping

From yesterday’s memoir at Lake Wendouree testing live streaming app when we can with nature. Hubby’s live streaming and engaging with different people around the world who loves sunset when they wake up or needed that sunset when they could not sleep any time of the night. 24/7 worldwide people are always awake for any reasons but most of all people wanted to engage in a personal decent way. The sunset can just become the background or even none at all but yourself when the connections keep rolling. Other people are silent especially when they watch live on their computer, the Periscope app won’t allow that yet for engagement only through mobile gadgets.

We have tried android lollipop latest version on Periscope many times but still had no success, only work on iPhone mobiles. Currently using an iPhone 6 plus for Periscope app and other live streaming and never had a great problem except the bugs that Periscope dealing with. Sometimes, you can be periscoping but no interaction happening, so you can just live stream and let your watchers know or else re-start your live-stream again. The Asus lollipop version never had a success yet for live streaming but we can watch a live stream on it only.

Hubby’s periscoping the sunset horizon…


Hubby’s caught a swan couple heading to their rest tonight…


Catch up with our live streaming on our twitter @fusiontourism or the archive at katch.me/fusiontourism


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