Tuberous Begonia Alyce

Tuberous Begonia Alyce Untouched by visitors but maybe also guests(?), for eyes to feast and keen photography only….  Correct me if I’m wrong but this looks like Alyce in the world of Tuberous Begonia. I took a photo but not … Read More

Tuberous Begonia “Yellow”

  Tuberous Begonia – Yellow Begonia x tuberhybrida A relaxing day trip, stop by and smell the Tuberous Begonia beautiful large blooms at the Ballarat Botanical Garden conservatory during earliest Autumn in March which coincide with its Ballarat Begonia Festival … Read More

Tuberous Begonia “Seductive Bride”

Tuberous Begonia “Seductive Bride” ~flowers are for eyes only at its best~ I took photo but not their names at that time. Glad I found their names at the link below. Ballarat City hosts one of the World’s Biggest Begonia Festival … Read More

Tuberous Begonia “Anita Sharrad”

Tuberous Begonia “Anita Sharrad” Another species on the Begonia menu without flowers but leaves does exquisitely identify itself among their genus type.