25 Selected Quotes in Photography

Before you read others quotations, murmurings and reflections on photography, here are my pieces and my peace ๐Ÿ™‚ Please don’t hold it back and share yours after you read. Please share what inspired you about your artwork and others’ work. … Read More

Silhouettes Story Photography

The Nomadic Black Swan Silhouette The Ballarat version of the Loch Ness Monster with feathers ๐Ÿ™‚ Ballarat City is blessed with nomadic wildlife Black Swans at the lake and with all other kinds of wildlife. Photo shooting the swans can … Read More

30 Reflective Photography Quotes

  Every person who is into photography has their reflective moments. For now, let’s see how other photographers express the world through their lenses and souls journey. Although others may argue “let the photograph speaks for itself” we as humans … Read More

Living Creatures Photo Challenge

  Living Creatures Photo Challenge entry run at gurushots.com Living creatures great and small, here they come! Spring was around the corner when these photos were taken although the challenge was not about the season.   Beautiful wild Cygnet or … Read More

Shifting Sands Photo Challenge

  Shifting Sands Photo Challenge On this challenge, it was not intentionally taken for the sake of it. Most of the picture challenge entries I had were not intended before entry. I mainly use what I already had in my … Read More

Two Tone Photography Challenge

    Two Tone Photography Challenge run at Gurushots.com There was no point leaving the story of each photo in the photography competition “game” when I can freely archive them on my site, is it?. Every picture has a story, … Read More