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Happy 45th Birthday Bhubby!

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Happy 45th Birthday Bhubby!

Your birthday wishes & prayers granted and beyond!

No handmade card, no unhealthy sugary cake, no obligated or surprise gifts but a quiet birthday!

A quiet birthday but at least with me, your beloved wife!

Forgive me if I cannot help myself using my blog and creating birthday typography to shout out my love for you in words that may not be able to express it all, how much I do love and care for you for the rest of our lives together!

You may not be the person how people look at you from the outside, but your wife and your great Creator Abba Father God can say you have a hidden big heart that only time and space can prove without any instant expectations.

Thank you very much for treating me on your birthday instead of me treating you as you wish to the world!

I thank God for your mum and dad for nurturing you for the best they can!

I thank God for your mentors and books that have contributed your manhood and wisdom from God!

You are my greatest probiotic love for eternity!

Love you heap with my prebiotic love and your co-author in life, x0x0x0

Your soul-mate wife Queentulip @jenniferramirezbaulch.com

BIG LOVE FROM IVY: Ivy feline sends her big licks, purrs, snuggle & lovely smelling great winter furry coats to her daddy!




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