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Lit App Review

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If you’re new on Lit app and trying to figure it all out yourself then you should not be reading this 🙂 but you’re welcome to share your thoughts or Lit username so we can connect and LIT each other to build up our Mithril kingdom together!


LIT APP is more than where all your pet cats and dogs belong. It’s the newest “Social Mining” based on cryptocurrency reward. If you have been on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for years now without getting a reward for your time by liking all your friends and followers posts – LIT app taking it to the next level. If you are not in it, nothing is stopping you, is there?

If you have used Snapchat before Instagram Stories evolve to compete with each other – then Lit App is no different with Snapchat except you are “social mining”. It meant you’re getting a reward with Mithril tokens to socialise every second literally – but wait, every second is possible but not to the point of abusing it! You’ll kick out your followers in a spur of a second!

It’s a social media app available for both Android and iOS. You are rewarded by liking or giving heart to each post (photo or video) of your friends or followers before it will disappear in 24 hours like Snapchat but you get rewards for your hard work through blockchain-based. ♥♥♥


A decentralized social media platform that rewards all content creators.


What is MITH or Mithril according to them?
MITH is an ERC-20 social media token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is an integrated directly into new and existing social media networks to reward users and their operator for their contributions to the network. MITH will leverage blockchain technology to ensure that transactions are secure and safe for all participants. This technology revolves around decentralized data storage that can record transactions between parties in an efficient, trustless, and immutable manner.



Social mining is a brand new concept that rewards all content creators. By simply sharing your stories here, you can earn rewards based on your content and social influence.


Yes, its current rank on the Top 100. Check it out here CoinMarketCap.com



  1. If you are a newbie on Lit App, do not post above 30 to 100 photos & videos because it will crash your followers’ smartphones! It’s the app that is buggy by the time I post this review using Lit. When the app was newly launched just before their first update within few days only, it had no problems of crashing, and it was surprisingly swift to upload and liking all the users with or without videos to more than 100 posts!
  2. The story (your photos or videos) will automatically disappear from the platform within 24 hours, and you will get your reward if you have done your social mining!
  3. Lit App offers a private chatroom where you can exchange messages like Instagram, etc.
  4. Some newbies or Early Adopters do post more than 30 to 100 photos and some videos, but it depends on you to control your game.
  5. Liking each other with your followers who are interactive is a great way to grow your Mithril coin.
  6. There will be followers that only liked to be like but would not like your stuff, so it’s up to you if you unfollow them.
  7. Nude photos are not encouraged randomly posting from your PC! I always unfollow them. Talking about nude photos, Mithril now partnered with Arsenic who will undoubtedly feature those kinds of models, artists, celebrities. They may be there to attract Lit users like those current featured since it launched. It does not mean if they featured them that they like your photos back.
  8. If you want to post quotes or your rants – make it shorter to be read. Too long is a waste of your time posting it.
  9. Some users make sure, they leave a message that they like all your posts so you can like all their posts too. This is a good tip to consider, but this is what I did to one who followed me but never likes me back, so I unfollow.
  10. Follow the balance ratio between Friends and Followers, if it’s unbalanced, you won’t get much likes or hearts!
  11. For IOS need a tutorial for Lit – click here LIT iOS
  12. Based on algorithm users, Lit will be based on user fans what they will feature in their app. Be aware, since the Lit app launched, the featured people there don’t have more friends on their profile, and they do not follow back, so this is up to you to work out your game.
  13. You can log in to your laptop or desktop, but you cannot upload photos there or watch others profile than yours. You can log in using your phone number or your Facebook account only, both on your phone or your PC. I don’t know if they have planned for the future or just like Instagram style only viewed on PC.
  14. I don’t think; it’s a good idea to exploit other people’s faces in public areas as you post them regularly on Lit without them knowing? I saw one doing this every day from public places & filling up her stories a lot. Also, don’t exploit too much of your kids’ photos unless they are model then it’s understandable.
  15. Don’t be confused by the Mithril coins written by Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings mined by the dwarves at the Misty Mountains!
  16. Time is gold! Remember not to put all your eggs in one basket especially into the crypto world. Be always on guard for scammers, in general.
  17. What do you think the most pets posted on LIT? Dogs or Cats? Most of the first users knew the answer. So keep on liking!
  18. In any social media networks, if you follow celebrities, you will not get likes from them – so it’s a bit confusing by Lit? I guess, in a business POV, it works for their advertising.
  19. The key, for now, stick with your followers & friends who interact with your posts actively and reciprocate.
  20. Posting too many selfish selfies of yours is not a good idea, make your posts a bit more fun.
  21. If you are in Taiwan, Mithril advertises their ICO in their city social events over there, you can check them on their Twitter channel. You will be lucky to get a freebie souvenirs as they are expanding their territory.
  22. Finally! Lit Hint: “Long press on a message to copy.” This is handy when you need to translate something. I have tried to translate those Taiwanese hesitantly inbox me with their messages but I was not able to copy to translate it over – now available dated May 5th, 2018 not in MayThe4thBeWithYou 🙂
  23. LIT UPDATE May 5th 2018: “Swipe left and right to see different filters for your photos”. Unfortunately, this creates a havoc on the uploading process that the auto-rotation in the Lit system cannot be rotated back if you choose to use your phone’s camera than Lit. It’s a bit annoying. Hope this will be fixed.
  24. In the Lit App, you may have other messages not getting through your main page, so click “message request” if you wanted to allow and reply their message to you.
  25. I guess what do I know with all the bugs, some could not be a bug but intentionally there to slow the mining system 🙂
  26. Slow but solid pace following and like-reciprocating posts pay off better than following too fast. You’ll end up getting a lot of interactive likes from those that do not follow back and like back.
  27. Another IMPORTANT UPDATE: LIT APP added a “24 posts maximum in 24 hrs” – Brilliant, at last! posted on Mithril Medium post May 7th 2018 but it took effect on my phone on May 10th, I noticed. But still, more than 24 posters are on – unless the app developer did not deliver in time 🙂
  28. After the better Lit App update, still getting some errors on android users like me but still manageable. The only culprit to liking all your followers’ stories, not everyone will like you back as they should – I wondered if sticking to 1 or 5 stories instead of 24 posts will work.



It’s what everybody asks since diving into the social mining! If you follow Mithril’s Medium updates, Twitter, Telegram and other social media channels, then for sure they will let us know. So keep an eye on it, Lit (aka Liters, Litizens, Litians, Litiens, Litblazer, and other users name it under the sun lit! It’s not from Mithril just by users).

For the meantime, here’s the Mithril Roadmap Infographic when will they release the wallet:

Source: https://mith.io/whitepaper.pdf



—- >>> https://mith.io/whitepaper.pdf


According to Mithril, “Lit Discover is a feature for those looking to connect with more people, groups, and communities that share similar interests. It will feature news, business, media, and celebrity story feeds based on the user’s current trending interests calculated via data collection algorithms or based on user selection. This feature will also include Friends of Friends, Interests Groups, Category Feeds,etc. in which Lit Discover feeds will cater to user interests and help facilitate a more active and community enriched social life.”


No, but if you want to get LIT hearts ♥♥♥ from me then you can follow me, and I will follow back @jenniferbaulch (just type username in Lit search). You can also follow my hubby @brianbaulch – he does not use it as much but he shares his geeky tips sometimes or anything when he can.


Watch this page review:

I will come back and update when necessary.



Yes, I will review them on my blog posts after Lit and share them with you, if you are not left behind.


If you are on Lit app already, don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comment below. You are welcome to share your Lit name and also your website or other social networks if any.


Last but not the least, educate yourself regarding about the blockchain.

While you are being rewarded with Mithril on Lit, you can simultaneously earn bitcoin:

Join me and start earning bitcoin by answering paid emails and completing microtasks.

Or, better yet, for serious investors and blockchain enthusiasts:


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