Lest We Forget, Ballarat ANZAC Day Commemoration 2015

ballarat anzac day

Lest We Forget, Ballarat ANZAC Day Commemoration 2015

Did you know Australia is a Christian foundational grounded nation?

Here is the song for Australia we sing on ANZAC DAY besides the national anthem:


(by Australian songwriter Jack O’Hagan who provided patriotic lyrics to the traditional tune of Waltzing Matilda)

Here in this God given land of ours, Australia
This proud possession, our own piece of earth
That was built by our fathers, who pioneered our heritage,
Here in Australia, the land of our birth.


God bless Australia, Our land Australia,
Home of the Anzac, the strong and the free
It’s our homeland, our own land,
To cherish for eternity,
God bless Australia, The land of the free.

Here in Australia, we treasure love and liberty,
Our way of life, all for one, one for all
We’re a peace loving race, but should danger ever threaten us,
Let the world know we will answer the call



Ballarat City, Sturt Street, Victoria Australia


Ballarat City, Sturt Street, Victoria Australia

Red poppies were crocheted or knitted to represent the Poppies flower in commemoration of ANZAC Day.

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