You’re entering a no racism zone. All colors or colours are welcome!

This site is own by an Asian wifey of a geek white hubby, and she claims herself an expat or expatriate once from Thailand to Australia to stir the white expats calling themselves like a superior race (as politically correct) than simply immigrant to another country like everybody else whether to stay or to call it home! It’s all about perspective. In God’s eyes of the universe, we are all favoured by Him in different ways!

“In truth, I understand that God is no respecter of persons (or shows no favourites).”

~Aramaic Bible in Plain English

This site presents the Gen-X (pronounced as Jenn-X) connecting digital nomads’ culture in the dot-com generations X, Y, and Z.

Gen-Xers are the bridge between Millennials and the Baby Boomers/Silent Generation in nature and the digital world apart!

Zest with passion behind the scene through digital images and graphics designing. Time is too short when it comes to editing and some digital designing she loves to do!

Portfolio photography (photofolio), journal collection memories include some product reviews and simple life blog on planet earth sophisticated by humans.

She played once in the World’s Greatest Live Photo Challenges for all photography amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals. You can find the links to my blog posts that I never expected gathering the most comments on this site.

How on a planet earth she’s keen in photography? It’s not because of the smartphones with the endless apps have to offer/DSLR creative effects, or take up a course for the sake of resume, but she was indeed influenced by her father when she was young. Her dad bought her first camera when she was in high school (you know, using those fiddly film rolls). Her dad used to do non-digital photography from the late 70’s to 90’s during his church ministry since only two of them in the church has a camera to record all the ministry events like church activities, weddings, funerals (including the dead body — not for me!), or just for personal portraits. As a family, they used to travel every summer to her grandparents’ place to another state, and her dad used to record all those special memories. She’s amazed his dad’s vintage tripod still alive, reliable and usable when she goes home to the Philippines and borrow it! She only broke one tripod yet in Australia – blame it on China made!

This site advocates the teal colour symbol for PCOS awareness or Ovarian Cancer awareness.

An Instagram poster to different accounts, which represent their values and entrepreneurship with her geeky and hard yakka hubby.

Her other blog sync with her account on Google Blogger (aka Blogspot) where you can find her downloadable typography designs giveaway (printable), free journaling printables, some of her Asian recipes with an Aussie classic twist, and her organic gardening journal photos. Organic gardening plants that thrive in Ballarat six seasons or four seasons in one day (similar to Melbourne metro weather).

The curator of nine different current relevant topics on the online on a regular weekly basis, which actively integrates on their Twitter accounts @jenniferRbaulch and @fusiontourism

You can follow them on the newest trending social media since 2015 like Periscope (it should be Twitter Live), Blab (already gone 2016), MeVee, Snapchat, Facebook Live, Meerkat, or any live stream broadcasting frenzy with hubby live periscoping while wife photo shooting.

Stay tuned!

Stay tuned in life with our inner being breathing in the wilderness promptly connected with the Almighty Creator God the Utmost Time Traveller and His divine nature intuitively and spiritually against all oddities.

“Be grateful for small things!”

pcos awareness