JRB about

This is Gen-X (pronounced as Jenn-X) connecting digital nomads’ culture in the dot-com generations X, Y, and Z.

The Baby Boomers, Silent Generations and beyond are welcome too.

Zest with passion behind the scene through digital images and graphics designing through her eyes.

Portfolio photography (photofolio), journal collection memories includes some product reviews and simple life blog on planet earth sophisticated by humans.

Currently on photography playing field challenge in the World’s Greatest Live Photo Challenges for all photography amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals. You can find the links within my blog posts.

This site advocates the teal colour symbol for PCOS awareness or Ovarian Cancer awareness.

An Instagram poster to only six different accounts, which represent their values and entrepreneurship with her geeky hubby.

Her former blog sync with her account on Google blogger (aka Blogspot) Queentulip.com where it integrates some post especially downloadable typography designs giveaway (printable), her Asian recipes with an Aussie classic twist, and her organic gardening journal photos.

Curator of nine different current relevant topics on the scoop.it online on a regular weekly basis, which actively integrates on their twitter accounts @jenniferRbaulch and @fusiontourism.

You can follow them on the newest trending social media since 2015 like Periscope, Blab (already gone 2016), MeVee, Snapchat, Facebook Live, Meerkat, or any live stream broadcasting frenzy with hubby live periscoping while wife photo shooting.

Stay tuned!

Stay tuned in life with our inner being breathing in the wilderness promptly connected with the Almighty Creator God’s divine nature intuitively and spiritually against all oddities.pcos awareness